3 things to know before joining a Buy Nothing group.

A buy nothing group is a local community of people, where people can give away, lend and share items. Rather than throwing away items you are no longer using, you could give to someone who has a need for it. So in this group nobody pays for anything.

 So for example, let’s say you need furniture or home decor items for your new space, you can easily ask in the group and ASAP you get connected to a giver if that item is available.

Why you should join a buy nothing group?

  •  It’s a good way to save cost

Why spend a fortune on getting a new item when you can get something close to a new item for literally no cost?

  • Helps you get your buying priority right

So if you can ask in a buy nothing group and they can give, so why not? This will help shape your thoughts when prioritizing.

  •  Reducing waste

Gifting directly to the end-user gives the item another chance at being used and helps keep it from ending up in a landfill and an act of sustainability.

  • Networking

It enables you to create community connections which is a good way of networking and meeting like minds. 

Now that you understand that even though it is free doesn’t mean it’s totally free. What i mean is you would have to consider some few things that are listed below:

  • Logistics

You would definitely need to move the item to wherever you are.

  • Give out items in good conditions

You might need to clean and package well to the receiver and also note that these items are to be reused not dumped. Give out items that can be reused to a large extent. 

  • No hate speech

It is strictly a gift economy so no buying, selling, trading or shaming in this group. 

How do you find one?

A Buy Nothing group is a hyperlocal Facebook group so you will first need to find the correct Facebook group for your area and request to join. Generally, admins are pretty quick to approve those requests (provided that you live within the rules of the group).

Now that you know what a Buy Nothing group is, why not try joining your local one or creating one with friends/community members? It’s a great way to give, receive, and be sustainable.

Click here to find a Buy nothing group. http://buynothingproject.org/

You can also search Facebook for ‘buy nothing’ and your city’s name. 

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