5 must- have sustainable gifts for your Teen 2022 Edition.

Summer is over and the children are back to school. Here are some of our favorite sustainable gifts any child would be happy to receive.

But before we dive in, let’s highlight how to identify a sustainable gift.

The popular metrics are;

 1- What is the gift made of?

 Biodegradable materials or products that have no carbon footprint are considered eco friendly.

2- Who made the gift? 

 Does the brand implement sustainability within its entire business? In other words, brands who genuinely care about sustainability and enforce it throughout their business falls under this category. E.g GIVOAfrica, PreciousPlastic, Ecobarter, Ecobiz just to mention a few.

Now over to our favorite for sustainable gifts for your teen;

Reusable bottles

Shop Eco friendly reusable water bottle.

Shop Ecobiz

Recycled paper notepad

Made from biodegradable materials.

Shop Ecobater

Upcycled backpacks

Handmade and upcycled from nylon recyclables, each backpack removes a minimum of 200 nylons from the environment.

Shop Planet 3R

Eco friendly food pack

Unique design, convenient and durable. Made from Nylon recyclables and specially designed in a way to preserve food for long.

Shop Planet 3R

Black Bamboo Sunglass Grey

A good way of adding some drip to their wardrobe while saving the earth.

Shop Ecobarter

Shop eco friendly products and save the environment.

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