Waste 4 Health: GIVO partners with Arteri to provide Health Insurance for Waste Depositors

GIVO Africa and Arteri Africa are pleased to announce a new partnership to provide increased access to health insurance services for GIVO users in the waste management and recycling sector.                              

This partnership lies at the intersection of health and the environment, to reward GIVO users with access to health insurance and encourage sustainable recycling across communities in Africa.

In this recent move, by partnering with healthcare financing company, Arteri, GIVO now allows its users to subscribe to health insurance on its platform (web and mobile app) using the alternative mode of payment that is; waste for health. In previous times, when users deposit their recyclables with GIVO, they are awarded points for every kilogram of recyclables deposited. These points are recorded on the GIVO platform and users can redeem the points at any time by converting to cash. With this new partnership, users are now able to convert the points to health insurance.

Commenting on the new feature, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GIVO, Victor Boyle Komolafe, mentioned that, “This partnership is the next step to promote recycling and encourage sustainable waste management among households and is integral to GIVO’s mission to make recycling convenient, sustainable and rewarding for everyone. Providing access to affordable health insurance is yet another value-added benefit that our users can enjoy as a reward for depositing their recyclables with us and contributing to a waste-free environment for all.”

Also speaking on the partnership, the Co-Founder and Chief Health Officer of Arteri, Daniel Irowa-Omoregie stated, “This partnership is in line with our promise of an Africa where everyone has access to the health services they need, when and where they need them, without financial hardship. As we all know, the demographic of our population most susceptible to catastrophic health spending, does not have access to health insurance, and part of our mission is to increase the usage of health insurance in Nigeria and across Africa. Partnering with the foremost recycling and waste management company to launch this is a good step forward for our ecosystem.”

GIVO Africa is a circular economy company, leveraging the use of technology to collect, process and upcycle plastic waste into valuable goods. Our vision is to be the leading enabler of circular economies in Africa, through tech-enabled upcycling solutions. To date, GIVO has processed over 20 tons of recyclables and produced over 40,000 units of consumer and industrial goods. To learn more, kindly visit: www.givo.africa

Arteri is a healthcare financing company that is making it easier for Nigerians to pay for their healthcare needs and out-of-pocket costs without hassles and delay. Arteri through their website (www.arteri.africa) offers zero to single digit lines of credit to individuals and healthcare SMEs. Arteri has been built to help you find the most suitable health coverage plan, simplify the technical details, and do all the paperwork for you. We will also support you in ensuring that you can pay for your health coverage without any stress or financial risk.

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