How To Become A GIVO Depositor

Asides saving the earth, one of the major problems GIVO Africa is trying to solve is the high unemployment rate among women and youth in Nigeria. We are providing more job opportunities and creating wealth for communities through our modular recycling centers.  

Looking for a way to earn, while still contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment within your community? Then this is for you.  

Here are three easy steps to follow to start depositing with GIVO Africa:

STEP 1: The first thing you would want to do is to sign up on the GIVO depositor app. We’ve created a detailed guide for you here.

STEP 2: Our registered GIVO collectors will come on scheduled days to pick up your recyclables. The quantity of recyclables you deposit is automatically logged on your account and you get to see how much you are depositing on your GIVO depositor app. 

STEP 3: Get paid. Once you deposit your recyclables, you are automatically given points on your account. You can convert these points to cash at any time via your depositor app. 

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